Ready To Rock: Fanga Dan's Ford-backed Mustang


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting ‘Fanga’ Dan Woolhouse, you’ll likely attest that the dude has passion for what he does — passion which oozes out in bucketloads. It’d be fair to say that drifting in New Zealand is damn well lucky to have him on its side, as this dude quite simply lives, breathes, eats and sleeps the sport of drifting.

If he’s not in the car, killing a set of Tri-Ace semi-slick rubber, he’s in the shed preparing to do so, or perfecting a car before his next tyre-frying session. Fanga has been there since day one in New Zealand, and has always been that dude you knew would be knocking on the door any time he was in the chase position. He has always been one to push the boundaries when it came to car builds, and always ensures that his chosen war machine is kept in near perfect condition...

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